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My very first Tanzuku
Best Wishes to Dear Sister
(Dec 2010)

A present for my sister's birthday :)

Tanzaku present a technical challenge due to the shape: most of the time I use them for
4 letters idioms because they have the best height-width ratio.

Fall down 7 times, get up 8 times
(Feb 2012)

This is pronounced "shichi ten hakki" - it is used to mean that no matter what vicissitudes we encounter, we should always pick ourselves up and go forward.

While the usage is not restricted to Martial Arts in Japanese I find it very fitting for these, so I made it as gift for an Aikido Dojo where I was invited to talk about ShoDo.

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Return to the divine through spiritual quietude
Chinkonkishin 鎮魂帰神
(Apr 2013)

A present I brought while visiting.
It means:
"Return to the divine through spiritual quietude"

- CHIN (tranquilize; ancient peace-preservation centers)
- KON (soul; spirit)
- KI (homecoming; arrive at; lead to; result in)
- SHIN (gods; mind; soul)

Real Victory is Victory over oneself
(Oct 2013)

Another Tanzaku, this time with a saying attributed to Ueshiba Morihei: Masakatsu agatsu (正勝吾勝) Real Victory is Victory over oneself - a gift for a couple of Aikidoka that invited me to talk about Shodo.
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Masakatsu agatsu (正勝吾勝)