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“La vraie patrie est celle où l'on rencontre le plus de gens qui vous ressemblent.”

Rome, Naples et Florence (1826), Gustave Flaubert

Travel has never been much of a hobby for me, and usually if I go somewhere it has to be for some specific reason: work, aikido or one of my other interests, or meeting someone I really want to see in person.
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I understand some people may be a little snobbish towards the idea of tourism and stress the difference between a tourist and a traveler (tourists are, of course, always the others).

In my case, I just need a good reason to go somewhere, then I am more than happy to go, even with little advance notice.

I also suck at taking pics. I am making a conscious effort to increase the quantity, hoping that quality will sort itself out somehow.

Sooner or later.

Update: I apparently suck a bit less at taking picture - on September 19th (2014) Google notified me that some of my pictures are now used on Google Maps.

Slightly unrelated ... I recently found a nice site that allows you to find books set in a specific place (say, Venice, or Moscow or whatever...)