A little gallery showing ShoDo highlights for 2019
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Kakizome 2019: "No creation without destruction"
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"Fast as the spark from a lightning stone" - celebratory gift for our Aikido Master.
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I provided the calligraphies for this event … but unfortunately could not take part in in :(
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令和 (Reiwa) the name of the current Era in Japan (Lesson in Berlin, April)
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During the same event I tried also to make Shodo-decorated pottery
Friedrichsmoor, May)
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Shin Gi Tai (心技体) - celebration gift for a fellow Aikidoka YonDan exam.
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Not really ShoDo, a gift for a wedding of two Aikido friends.
More details here
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My piece won "秀作賞" (outstanding work) prize at the 48th International Calligraphy Exhibition in Tokyo.
More here.
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Personalizing my new Jo - (September)
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妖 (Ghost)
Arguably my best work in 2019 (and one of my best in general) 
(Kaz seminar in Berlin, October)
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Every year I prepare half a dozen of Shodo-inspired calendars. This year every month got a seasonal Haiku
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Every year I prepare small cards for friends, relatives and colleagues with the Zodiac animal for next year (Mouse)…
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and every year I decorate gifts with a Kanji that describes the content…
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And finally I send out a shikishi with the Year Animal.