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Among the various things I hoped to be able to do in my latest travel to Hungary was a chance to finally meet Tibor, quite a remarkable man, in Gurdjieff's sense of the term.

He had expressed the intention to come to Budapest to attend the Hanami, but in the end some other matter made this impossible - he was needed somewhere else to host one of his conferences, I believe.
His main activity is publishing, writing and talking about Traditional and spiritual matters. Or to be more specific, this is his main outwardly manifest activity. His "job", if you want - or more correctly, his Vocation. Of course, in order to seriously do that, you have to spend plenty of time working on your own spiritual development.

And if you are interested in seeing how this happens, and what kind of place is appropriate for that, you have to travel a bit: together with my inseparable guide and interpreter I took a couple of trains and reached Tibor's version of Iwama, a mere three hours from Budapest.
There is plenty that I didn't capture with my camera, while there... like the excellent Sárkánytej (Dragon's milk) he poured to greet us on our arrival, or most of our walk in the area, and especially the nice chat we had together in one of the most pleasurable days I had in my life.
For the little I can show, though, you can have a look here.