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“In ShoDo I have encountered a very wonderful thing”

Morihei Ueshiba

Shōdō means Way of the Brush.

It's basically the practice of traditional Japanese calligraphy, performed with brushes and using traditional materials. I will not even try to to provide a description/introduction of what Shodo is, if you want to know more about it, Wikipedia is, as usual,
a good starting point.

I started practicing ShoDo in November 2008, and practiced weekly with my teacher, Kazuko Hiraoka who lives and teaches close to Turin.
Since I moved to Germany I practice (never frequently enough, alas) with JuJu Kurihara in Berlin.

My works/rank were judged by the Akitsu-Kai school
(秋津書道会) instructors (in ShoDo ranks, i.e. kyu and dan are assigned by a panel of experts that examine your work - sent to them in care of your teacher - and assign you a score; top-scorers get promoted to the next kyu).

Currently I am Ni-dan (2nd Dan) for
Hanshi work and Sho-dan (1st Dan) for Jofuku.