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Although I'm content with my ongoing campaign, which involves a blend of Arabian Night's themed Dungeons & Dragons content played using MiniSix, I'm always in search of a simplified ruleset to adopt for my next game.

I'm aware that simply reading a core book won't provide much insight into what could happen at the gaming table. Therefore, I've established a particular approach. I serve as the GM in the current online campaign and have three friends as players. If one of the players is unavailable, I utilize the skipped sessions to conduct play-tests of a new game.

Below is a list of the games I've play-tested, in chronological order. My aim is to eventually expand each entry with a comprehensive mini-review.

Cepheus Quantum [dtRPG]
Tiny Gunslingers [dtRPG] [Review]
Now Ultra [dtRPG]
Sprawl Goons [dtRPG] [Review]