In 2017 I started an "experimental" campaign after decades of limiting my RPG activities to buying stuff (mostly in digital format), reading it cursorily, and joining RPG-themed circles on Google+.

This was an "experiment" mostly in the sense that my players were geographically far away from me, so I wanted to see if it was possible to get a decent result by using a dedicated chat along with some other online resources.

One of the decisions was to use something simple and flexible as a system, and after a bit of research I opted for Mini-Six - a free, streamlined version of D6.

Even if the campaign folded after a bit, I am still quite happy with the whole experience: chat proved adequate to my style, and Mini-Six was also good enough.
If I'll have to do this again it will probably be my default choice, unless I decide to go for a specific setting (like Traveller).

This site will collect some of the stuff I modified/created for the campaign (which was basically two main adventures: Temple of Lies provided an introduction, to test the system and the whole setup, followed by the immortal Caravan to Ein Arrais).

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