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My I-Ching reading for 2021

As explained elsewhere, I have a minor interest in I-Ching. At the start of the year I queried the Oracle to get a general augury regarding the new year. The results, as expected, where fairly obscure, but this is not really relevant for now.

Actually, I wasn't really interested in forecasting, I just wanted an excuse to try something: I was inspired by an Instagram story by Jeannine Platz showing how to use a dishwashing sponge to create dazzling backgrounds.

Her idea was to create a sort of abstract seashore by using blue (sea), white (foam) and yellow (sand).

It looked fantastic (unfortunately this was an Instagram story, so I cannot provide a direct link), so I really wanted to try this out.

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Here how the cards looked after applying the paint but before the actual calligraphies.

I just liked the effect, and wasn't trying to reproduce the seashore idea, so I just tried a bunch of different colors using acrylics, including a metallic one.

I suppose you could try with more subdued colors (would look great as a background for sumi-e, for example).

The paints were applied on some kind of poor man's Shikishi (actually these are perfectly cut-out paperboards, a byproduct of passpartout frames that you can buy from art supplies stores for very little money).

After having prepared 20 or more of these, I started going through the lot writing 旅 (the Chinese name for this hexagram), mostly in Gyosho, which is my favourite style.

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Blue and gold
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Green shades
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Two shades of blue
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A fiery wanderer
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Sombre, dignified black and gold livery
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A whole bunch of these. Some were sent out as gift to a couple of my favourite models on Instagram.