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Inspired by “Fogus’ yearly list of great things and people that I discovered, learned, read, met, etc.” - this is my version of what were the best things I discovered in 2021.

Main Stats

  • Daily Steps (Avg.): 10413 (+13%)
  • Aikido (Hrs.) 178 (-29%)
  • Shodo (hrs) 25 (+31%)

2021 was still plagued by COVID countermeasures, so yet again I have to explain the numbers a bit.

  • Aikido first: the full lockdown started in November 2020 and went on and on. On top of that, as soon as it was actually possible to travel abroad I tried to visit some other places again, and albeit the trips were short and not really frequent, these were always reducing my days in the dojo... so -29% is pretty bad, especially because 2020 was already 10% below my normal average.
  • Shodo is "increasing", but this is not very meaningful: I do not track Shodo when I do it on my own at home, so the number here is about "deliberate practice together with others". And the uptick is just because I managed to go to a seminar, this time.
  • Walking: is a bit better, I am back to 10K+ steps a day (mostly thanks to more opportunities to travel, when I am at home I most often spend any free time locked up somewhere taking care of my other passions).

Fiction Books

  • An Ornament to His Profession I finally bought (and read) this book after letting it wait in my Amazon Kindle wish list for years. Harness is not exactly renowned (or wasn't for me, at least), but I found him compared to Matheson and Bester so I decided to check out this collection of short stories. I am duly impressed, even if it did not turn me into a fan.

  • Cyberabad Days. I read River of Gods - by the same author - years ago, and I still remember it as a vivid, original, and extremely well-written work. This anthology (set against the same India Cyberpunk background) is equally delightful.

Technical and Non-Fiction Books/Papers

  • N/A (alas)

Miscellaneous Web Articles

Favorite non-book media and entertainment

Once again, little to report here: I saw only two movies, and in both cases, it was to spend some time with my mother, so I list these there just for completeness...


I kept GM'ing a Fantasy campaign using Mini-Six. There were also some sporadic and brief experiments with other systems/genres/types of games, so I am quite happy with 2021, at least in terms of gaming.

Content (produced by me)

Almost nothing. I was marginally more active on MeWe, again mostly about RPG.


  • PENTEL SESF30C-AX this year, obviously, I kept buying a trying out lots of drawing and art products. I will just limit myself to this pen from pentel, available in a bunch of colors and amazingly versatile for calligraphy, Shodo, Sumi-e, or ... well, more or less anything you may want to try with a fude-pen.
  • Microsoft Surface GO 2 Tablet, 10.5'' I am always on the lookout for the tiniest/most functional thing I can take with me on short trips. I was also interested in having at least one Windows computer around (everything else is either Mac or Linux). I am not disappointed, but I have used it very little, all in all. It works fine for reading comics, though.
  • ASUS ZenScreen MB16AHP( - this one, again, was sort of a fancy, but it is marginally more useful than the Surface: it works fine as a second screen when I am working from home. And the rest of the time it provides some extra screen "estate" for my iMac. I bought the simpler version (screen is not touch sensitive) and I am fairly satisfied with it.
  • Anker PowerPort+ Atom III Compact 60W both the Surface and my MacBook can/must be charged using USB-C, so I thought that having a single charger that could serve both would be more practical in the long run. Good product overall (as expected with Anker).
  • PRODEF ® Belt Pendant for Key I prefer to keep my keys (along with a torch and some other small EDC gizmos at my belt. This is so far the most practical solution I could find.


  • I got very little use from it, but I really like Boardgame Arena - perfect for casual playing over the Internet.


Martial Arts

I keep training and keep attending seminars, both here and back in Italy - but there was no special highlight this year. Also as you can see from the statistics, 2021 was probably the worst year in terms of actual hours of practice.

Food & Dining

  • Cerveteria Giralda this is probably the most famous tapas bar in Seville - located a few hundred steps from the Cathedral, it was built inside the remains of an Arabic bath. You would suspect that due to all these factors, the place would just be a tourist trap. I was happy to discover that they are very fair and go out of their ways to actually cater to their customer's best interests.


  • Uhm... nothing? .


  • Arhus. Another short trip to try to see a bit of the world after the latest lockdown. I choose Aarhhus because it is farily close... and because I had visited it already, exactly 25 years ago - it is also the second largest city in Denmark, so I was pretty sure I could find plenty of things to see over my short stay there..
  • Amsterdam. Amsterdam is another place where I haven't returned for more than 20 years (ig we do not count brief stays in Schipol to change plane...)
  • Seville. This one, instead, was my very first visit there. Really charming, and I am already thinking to go there again.


One thing that did not falter in 2021 was my almost daily production of artistic works. Here are the most outstanding results for me:

Best as in "Most voted"

This was my most voted work since… forever. Almost one order of magnitude more links than my average.
I am not super-impressed with the quality, though, so I suppose this was a fluke (and the fact that I used a photo from a very popular shibari artist).

Best as in "This is what I like more"

For "The one I like best" I opt for this one, instead.
Two reasons: I am really fond of the model, but also… it was done while I was spending some days in an Air B&B in Berlin. I.e. without much in terms of equipment.
I am very proud of the results because it was like a Zoom session: i.e. little margin for error.