A little gallery showing ShoDo highlights for 2017
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2017 Kakizome (First Calligraphy of the Year) in Rostock (January)
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International Calligraphy Association in Japan - my work on display (March)
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I tend to decorate most of my gifts with small calligraphies (March)
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I hold semi-regular Shodo lessons with my dojo colleagues, half a dozen times a year, more or less…
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Seminar in my "old" Dojo, Turin (March)
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I prepared a few calligraphies hoping to sell them at a public event in Rostock (June)
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One of my rare attempts at Sumi-e (July)
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馬 (Horse) - this was the kanji for one of my lessons - the one in the picture was made with my Bamboo Brush (October)
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A selection of my works at Kazuaki Tanahashi's seminar in Berlin (October)
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Congratulatory calligraphy for a colleagues that moved to another company (November)
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冬 Winter
空 Sky
(Calligraphy for one of my lessons in Rostock, November)
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Working on my calendars (December)
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Small Happy New Year cards with 2018 Chinese Zodiac sign (December)
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"Alessio" (the calligraphy says "Protector, Defender") - gift for the second son of a friend (December)
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Year of the Dog (this calligraphy was sent out as Greetings Card via email - December)
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Another impromptu attempt at Sumi-e (December)
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Slow dog…