A little gallery showing ShoDo highlights for 2022
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Birthday Card for Lorenzo…
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Kimono (着物

An experiment with White Rag paper from
Khadi papers
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雷雨 (Thunderstorm)

A little experiment to try out some recently-acquired materials:
Winsor & Newton calligraphy ink (Indian Red), Khadi papers A62W A6 Handmade cotton rag paper
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March - ShoDo practice with @juju_sosekido

一笑千金” - “one smile from a beautiful woman is worth ten thousand gold coins”
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May - ShoDo practice with @juju_sosekido


This is an (allegedly) Persian proverb saying "You can pull a rope, but you cannot push it".
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ShoDo practice with @juju_sosekido

長帰省” - Long trip back home (e.g.: a pilgrim returning home).
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September - A Ruined Calligraphy experiment:
(Chinese: Slave girl’s wish)
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A set of cards for Hooki meeting in Milan - in collaboration with @curtissheeran
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Preparation of my work for Tokyo's calligraphy exhibition
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ShoDo practice with @juju_sosekido

Final version of “
銅馬” - Bronze Horse - for a Calligraphy Exhibition in Tokyo.
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First batch (in German) of the New Years greetings cards (November)
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A little homage for the teacher at Rostock Aikido Schule (November)
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My entry was [銅馬” - Bronze Horse
(Upper left, on green)
] at the 50th International Calligraphy Exhibition in Tokyo (#50回國際書道連盟展).

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2/3/4 December:
ShoDo Seminar “Heart Sutra: Acceptance”

(the idea was to make your own copy of the Heart Sutra in book format).
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Aikido scroll for Sole Rosso
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Final batch of New Year cards (December)
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Year of the Rabbit (December)
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Traditional New Year's Greetings for 2023 (Year of the Water Rabbit)