A little gallery showing ShoDo highlights for 2018
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Model for the 2018 Kakizome (First Calligraphy of the Year)
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Another Kakizome - this time in Berlin, with my teacher (January).
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A "wish you well" calligraphy for a former colleague leaving the project
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Sea of Clouds (February)
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According to tradition you are supposed to burn the calligraphies made on the Kakizome a few weeks later… (February)
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A different colleague leaving (February)
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Lesson in Berlin with my teacher (March)
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Flower (lesson with my class) (April)
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My dojo in Rostock celebrated their 15 years Jubileum so I donated a scroll for the Kamiza (May)…
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and held a class as part of the celebrations (May)
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"Double Happiness", a special chinese character used for weddings (May)
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Another wedding calligraphy (May)
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International Calligraphy Exhibition in Tokyo (August) - I actually won a prize - more here.
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Preparing my calendars to give as presents at Xmas (December)
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"Pistachio" (Chinese) - a gift for Caffè Pistacchio in Turin (December)
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"Small men are easy to anger" (Chinese) - a gift (December)
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Some of my colleagues are "collecting" my New Years cards.
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A small Shikishi with the sign for next year (2019: Pig)