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Last update 24/feb/2004

This page is dedicated to Traveller, one of the first SF RPGs. I've intermittently worked at a campaign using the new edition of the game (Marc Miller's Traveller, AKA T4 or Traveller's 4th Edition) and I'd like to share some of the stuff I've worked out for my adventures.
I prefer the Classic Traveller milieu, consequently some of the ideas proposed will need some adapting for anyone who prefers the Milieu:0 setting.
Changes would be minimal, anyway, and I hope you will find something useful inside.

Adventure Ideas
Includes a brief storyline of my campaign
Characters drawn up from my campaign. Some of them where generated as PC, others converted or just invented to serve as NPC.
House Rules
T4 has caused some controversy, not only for typos and layout problems, but for its basic mechanics, too. Here are some modified rulings (and a new Task System) which I'm currently using for my campaign.
Low Berths Section
Some ideas which could have some potential, but (for now) must remain in "Suspended Animation"...
Playing Aids
Stuff I put together as a reference during play.
Download all the stuff!
As the number of subpages increases, this file will allow you to get all you need in a fast download. The file contains only the text of pages, without images.
Contact Me!
For any message, please write to marino{at}

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