Campaign Outline

After a long period of inactivity, I decided to start a new rpg campaign.
As a change of pace from my previous campaigns (mostly extreme variants of Call of Cthulhu), and inspired by the news about the release of T4, I decided to try my hand at a Traveller campaign.

The Party

The original characters were created with GURPS, and later translated to T4. This was mostly caused by the late arrival of my T4 rulebook...
Justel Zoer, who replaced Marina after the first two adventures, was instead generated using the T4 rules. For more info on them, look at the Characters subpage.


I was not happy with some of the T4 rules, and started incorporating some changes right from the start. I expect to make some more changes, and I will record them in the House Rules subpage after playtest and a little polishing.

Campaign outline

The party's adventures are based in a CT milieu. It's the only one I'm familiar with, and I tend to adopt/convert old published stuff, especially old White Dwarf modules, which work best in that period.
Expedition to Rudyard (HMA Pinafore).
The party members start their adventures on Rudyard, a recently re-contacted planet in a buffer zone near the Imperium/Zhodani border.
While working along with the local technicians in diplomatic/commercial expedition, the group becomes entangled in the most shocking crime in the recent history of Rudyard.
Eventful Space Voyage (Smile Please)
After having (partially) solved the events on Rudyard, the PCs travel back to Imperium controlled space in order to start working for their new patrons, the local branch of Hartnung Trust.
Just after entering Jump Space, things start getting strange. One by one, the NPC passengers are assassinated. Who can be so mad to actually commit murder during jumptime? There is no way to escape from the ship, and arriving with a load of dead people will surely cause some problems with the authorities... are the events somehow connected with the mysterious box in the cargo hold?
This adventure was written by Graham Miller, and originally appeared on White Dwarf #65
The Syleria Enigma (Mercy Mission)
The PCs follow a scientific expedition which investigates on a strange epidemics on Syleria. The first team went missing, so the PC should expect some problems, either from the natives or other more sinister forces.
This adventure was written by Simon Lewis, and originally appeared on White Dwarf #82
The GearHeads.
The party gets back to Trafe, a TL A planet on the border, and they are immediately contacted by someone who wants a discreet investigation on two middle-level technicians. Have they something to hide? And who is the mysterious patron so anxious to have them investigated?

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