House Rules

Yet Another Traveller Task System
I was not happy with some of the T4 rules, especially the task system and the experience systems, so I created YATTS, my own little system, which I'm currently using. It's not complex and seems to work well enough.
Giuseppe Filotto, a Traveller player in South Africa, liked YATTS, and adopted it for his own campaign. He has recently contacted me and kindly allowed me to host some of his stuff.
Martial Arts
A very simple Martial Arts system to give some more flavor to characters (and their fights).
Scientific Research
Guidelines for playing out research experiments and other complex projects in Traveller.
Religious Career
After a lively debate on religions and clergy in Traveller, I prepared rules for defining a generic Priestly career for T4.
Technical Career
I always wondered why the Technician wasn't contemplated as a viable option for Travellers. Here is my take on this career for T4.
Hit Locations
A very simple (and fast) system for aimed shots or special situation in which you need to discover where a given shot lands.

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