Pulp Krieg: Weapons Cards
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First of all, let me note that he original inspiration for the weapons page (and much of its content) was lifted from Dany St-Pierre's Justice Inc. page.

The idea is to create handy reference cards detailing stuff which may be useful during play. Each card (which you may print, cut and give to your players) contains the following info:

Name and picture
Including caliber of ammo used.
A small table describing the range bands and associated dice modifiers.
Includes damage, reload time and notes, including (for small arms like pistols) a Notice modifiers to be used when someone is trying to see if the weapon is carried by a character.
In order to assess damage, I've used the following formula:

((Muzzle Energy)^(1/3)+1)*2

In other words, I get the muzzle energy (in foot/pounds; 1 joule = 0.737 ft/lbs = 0.67 m/Kg.) of the historical weapon, take the cube root of it, add 1 and multiply the resulting sum by two, rounding to the nearest integer.
This method seems fairly consistent with the (little) data we get in the manual, with few exceptions.

For weapons statistics (especially muzzle energy) I used the handy document on firearms put together by William Miller for JAGS.
There is a small circle (O) for each bullet, so if you want your players to keep track of these, they just need to check out the spent rounds with a pencil.
For automatic weapons, the round symbol is substituted by a square one ([]), each one represents a short (5 rounds) burst. When a weapon can fire in both auto and semi-auto, I've clearly provided a divider between each series of 5 rounds.
Note that most automatic pistols can be loaded with an extra bullet in the chamber, so, for example, for Colt M1911 the magazine holds 7 shots, but the weapon can be loaded with an eighth one. The same applies to some other weapons like Winchester rifles, for example.
The cards report just the number of shots in a magazine, because this is what I'd consider "standard" usage for such weapons. YMMV.
Special Rules
During play I noticed some minor problems regarding how weapons work. Here is a brief rundown of what I changed. Consult the rule section for more details.
Shotguns have a flat +1 at short range only, as indicated on the relevant weapon cards.
Manual Action
As a rule, if the weapon card reports "Manual" in the note section, the weapon can fire only once per turn.

I want to keep the various cards as small and uncluttered as possible, so interesting tidbits about the weapons are available on a separate page


Rifles and SMG

Shotguns, Hunting Rifles, Odd firearms

A blank page for creating weapons on the fly.