Pulp Krieg: Nunchakus
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Dmg Notes
AD+3 Requires Familiarity,
May Entangle, Disarm

Nunchakus are considered melee weapons, so the basic effects (skill roll and damage) are based un melee skill and Armed Damage.
In the '20s and 30's martial arts were much less widespread in the Western world, though, so the use of this will require a specific Weapon Familiarity.

When used in combat, the Nunchakus works just like any other melee weapon. Its special characteristics come in play only when used to parry an opponent's attack.
Whenever the character successfully defends himself against a melee attack with the nunchakus, and his MOS is 3 or more, he can try one of the following:
The user may try to disarm the opponent by winning a STR opposed roll.
Note that if the user fumbles his STR roll, he will lose the nunchakus. If both fumble, both will lose their respective weapons.
After a successful entangle, the user of the weapon and his opponent will be locked in close combat until the nunchakus user release his enemy or the other one succeed in breaking away.
Whenever one of the two characters wants to act in a turn, he must first succeed in an Hand to Hand opposed skill roll against the other character. If he fails, no action is possible.

A character may use two nunchakus at the same time. This negates any special effects (they only work if the user can employ the free hand to properly apply the locking techniques), and may result in off-hand penalties for the second weapon.

Nunchakus weight around 2 Kg.. Cost should be negligible, especially because this kind of weapon will either donated by a teacher or built by the user himself.