Pulp Krieg: Perks & Flaws
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Feign Death
With a 1 minute preparation time the character can enter a state of simulated death. Only a careful medical examination will reveal that the character is still alive. All bodily functions (breathing, heartbeat etc.) are slowed to a one-tenth of normal rates, so a side benefit is that, for example, a given amount of oxygen would last ten times longer.
The user of this uncanny ability must decide beforehand how long it will remain in such state and cannot normally be awakened before the time is passed.
The user can sometime perceive changes in his environment and decide to wake up before the predetermined time limit. If the player wants to wake up before the specified time limit, the character must succeed in a Very Difficult (7) Perception roll. Bonuses for specific keen senses may apply (the GM must decide what the stimulus could be).
This ability costs 2 points, and requires, as a prerequisite, the Internal Clock perk (detailed in Heroes & Villains)
Language Talent
For 2 points, the character has a natural knack for learning new languages and communicating with other people. The character has an extra +1 to any Language roll. This Perk cannot be bought more than once per character.
Weapon Familiarity
Due to the abstract design of Silhouette, some things are difficult to properly represent by just a skill. As an example, let's consider fairly obscure weapons like nunchakus.
These weapons have extra effects (like entangle or disarm), and they are also fairly rare. So it would probably be wrong to lump them along with the generic "melee" skill. A possible solution could be to require a specialization, but then you either forfeit the normal +1 bonus for a weapon specialization (otherwise buying +1 specialization in Nunchakus will give you both the bonus and the ability to use the weapon special effects) or decide that in some cases specialization will not convey the standard bonus.
Characters using uncommon weapons without the relevant Familiarity will roll as per "Unskilled". Damage, in case of success, will still be multiplied by AD. If the character has the correct Familiarity, attacks will be based on melee skill. The character may buy an extra-specialization in the weapon but only if he already has acquired Familiarity for it.

Familiarity costs 3 points.
This Perk has no levels, so you cannot buy it more than once for each weapon. This perk may be added after character creation.
Apply the guidelines given for learning skills to decide how much time is needed to learn it.
Please note that this perk was introduced to model uncommon knowledge. Finding a suitable teacher could be an adventure in itself.


Calling Card
For 1 point, the character is psychologically "forced" to always leave a specific signature on the scene of his escapades. Examples may be a sign on the wall (like the "Z" left by Zorro), a specific playing card, silver bullets in his firearm or leaving his hapless enemies tied up with a specific set of knots.
Barring physical impossibility, the character should always strive to use his signature, even if this could put him in danger.