Pulp Krieg: Heroes - Masked Avenger
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Green Hornet

Masked Avenger template

The Green Hornet, The Phantom, The Spider... the lists goes on and on. An older, pulpier version of the costumed superheroes, the Masked Avenger is usually a rich, talented man who has somewhy decided to dedicate his life to fight crime and evildoers.
This character is always portrayed as a strong fighter, and sometimes has some weird power that he usually learned in some far-away location while honing his other skills for his anti-crime crusade.
My personal recommendation is to avoid this character in your parties, unless you play with just one or two players. The Masked Avenger, to be true to his archetype, has a secret identity he must protect, and his real-world name his unknown, with the possible exception of some kind of combination chauffeur/sideckick/bodyguard/butler.

Bat-Car, Skull ring, Gas pistol, Super-secret breakfast cereals...

The masked avenger is usually recognizable by a minimalist form of costume (usually a mask of some kind worn in addition to civilian clothes) and by the use of some trademark weapon and/or gadget (ranging from souped-up cars or airplanes to tranquilizer guns). Be very careful in assessing starting gear for your PC.

AGI: 1APP: 1BUI: 0CRE: 1FIT: 1
INF: 2KNO: 1PER: 1PSY: 1WIL: 2
STR: 0HEA: 1STA: 30UD: 5AD:4

Skill levels
Combat Sense2+1
Human Perception1+1
Small Arms2+1

Cost: (Attribute 47)/(Skills 45)

Typical Equipment: Signature Equipment.
Typical Perks: Acute Sense, Allies, Alter-Ego, Combat Veteran(*), Contacts, Famous (in his Secret Identity), Lucky, Night Vision, Property (HQ: at least 5), Sidekick, Superscience Affinity, Thick Skinned, True Love(*), Wealthy.
Typical Flaws: Beliefs, Bloodlust, Calling Card , Code of Honor, Creepy(*), Dedicated, Dependent, Nemesis, Secret, Soft-Hearted(*).
(*): From Heroes&Villains supplement


Masked Avengers may be bloodthirsty fascists who take on the role of judge, jury and firing squad all rolled in one. Or they may prefer to go for a more Politically Correct stance and reduce lethal violence to the minimum.
Whatever their stance is on this, choice of weapons and skills could be another way to differentiate them. Some will prefer unarmed combat and melee weapons only, others would blaze away with twins .45s. The archetype here is part of the "small-arms oriented" group.
In theory you could try to solve the party integration dilemma by making everybody a Masked Avenger, as a sort of low-powered Justice League group. Due to the limited choice in skills and powers, I am a little skeptical about the feasibility of this approach, though.