Pulp Krieg: Campaign Notes
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Even if the first adventure was set in Peru, the "home" of my characters will be in San Francisco.

The year is 1932. I choose this date after some checking around. My main model for the campaign is Indiana Jones, even if the current character roster has little to do with him.

This gave me a ballpark date, anything between 1930 and 1937 would do, more or less. The more I moved toward the end of the decade, the stronger the Nazi influence would be. Nazis are perfect villains, so I wanted to have them in.
On the other hand, I had a couple of prohibition-based scenarios that could prove handy, so in the end I moved the date a little backward, so that alcohol-fueled adventures could still be feasible.

Here is a little list of resources I gathered, ready for any referee interested in playing in the same era. Please remember that I am not an history buff, and more often than not I just wing it.
A general discussion on money value, hints on prices etc.
Interesting and useful data about traveling in the '30s.