Pulp Krieg: Campaign Notes / Travel
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My campaign is based in San Francisco, a place which allows adventurers to reach the Far East relatively fast. Long range planes were able to cover the distance between San Francisco and Hong Kong in a few days. Later (around 1936) Pan Am launched a regular service with the so-called China Clippers. The times in the table are based on a flying speed around 180 km/h.
The theoretical minimum for the voyage is around 80 hours, but in practice each stop would probably require some extra hours for refueling, and it would be advisable to spend some hours resting (think of the climate and time lag). Each of the listed stops had facilities for travelers and plenty of fuel, even Wake Island, which was little more than a landing strip.

San Francisco to Hong Kong route
FromToFlight TimeNotes
San FranciscoHawaii21 h.Time Difference from S.F.:-2h
In the '30s Pearl Harbor already hosted the Pacific Fleet.
HawaiiMidway12 h.Time Difference from S.F.:-3h
MidwayWake12 h.Time Difference from S.F.:-4h
1 hour after leaving Midway, more or less, the plane will cross the date change line: everybody on board should adjust the current date by adding one day. Crossing it back will have the reverse effect.
WakeGuam14 h.Time Difference from S.F.:-7h
GuamManila15 h.Time Difference from S.F.:-8h
ManilaHong Kong6 h.Time Difference from S.F.:-8h