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Ford Model A - Deluxe Delivery

Year in Service: 1928 Maneuver: -1 Armor: 5/10/15
Threat Value: - Fire control: -3 Movement: Ground 9/18
Size: 4 Sensors: None Deployment Range: 250 km
Crew: 1 Communications: None  

Cargo Bay (2,2m3),Passenger Seating (2), Urban Friendly, Exposed Movement, Fragile Chassis, Poor Off-Road Ability
Other Data
Description: This car was designed for distinctive delivery service and followed closely passenger car lines. The body was all in steel. There was a rear door on this type of car so the spare wheel was placed in one of the front fenders. It also had rear bumpers.
There were two folding seats that gave the driver easy access to the interior of the body. Loading dimensions were width 43 inches, height 50 inches, length 88 inches. The spare wheel was placed on the right side of the body just behind the door of the cab.
It has a four cylinder, 40 horsepower engine and is capable of speeds of approximately 110 km per hour (65 miles per hour). The vehicle is 4.1 meters long and 1.75 meters wide and weights 1.6 tons.
  • Average Cost: $1200
  • Frequency: Common