Pulp Krieg: The China Lass
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The China Lass is a river wheelboat (cursorily) described in The Kweichow Exodus, an adventure published for the Indiana Jones RPG.

Here is a more complete treatment of it, including simple deckplans and stats conversion for the main NPCs.
I've done my best to create a believable ship, but my knowledge of these kind of stuff is limited, so feel free to change details.

The China Lass is a river wheelboat built around the end of the 19th century. It may be encountered in China, doing travel and passenger services between Macau and the inner regions and back. This ship may be used in scenarios between 1930 and 1937. For stats, refer to the "generic" wheelboat card.

Hotchkiss Machine Gun (7.92mm)

1 2 4 8
0 -1 -2 -3
Dmg Notes
 x2 Data are in vehicle scale
ROF:2 / Acc:0
Arc:F / Spc.:AI

The crew is mostly Chinese, with white officers. Her captain is a honest and law-abiding man, and will never deal in illegal cargo.

In order to defend the ship from river pirates, the captain counts on strict check-in security when embarking passengers (see below) and on the Hotchkiss machine gun mounted directly above the steering station (A).

Apart from the gun (usually concealed and protected by a tarpaulin) the ship has a fairly impressive armory for her size. The crew has access to 18 Enfield rifles and 6 Webley revolvers (stored in area [I], under lock, keys available to the Captain and the two officers). On top of this, each officer, including the command, has his own personal revolver.

Standard security measures require every passenger to have his or her baggages checked before accessing the ship. People are not exactly frisked, assume a Difficult (6) Sleight of Hand roll to properly conceal a handgun to pass the inspection by the crew (remember to apply size modifiers for different weapons).

Weapons belonging to passengers will be kept in a reinforced closet in the captain's office. The lock requires a Moderate (4) roll to open.

An even stricter scrutiny is applied to goods. Large crates are opened to ensure that nobody is hiding inside, and even small containers (rice sacks, for example) are inspected to prevent opium smuggling.

As a rule, only westerners are allowed to occupy an internal cabin. Chinese passengers are rare, often pay for just a short leg of the trip, and are asked to sleep and remain on the aft part of the upper deck [B]. The upper deck is protected by a weatherproof canvas. Chinese passengers are usually discretely observed by at least a member of the crew, and are requested not to leave their designated "area" (it includes a small toilet).
Westerners are obviously free to go there, if they want. The area is often completely empty (not many Chinese travel on this kind of boat) and so can often double as an extra "promenade" deck for passengers, or as extra cargo space for low-weight stuff like textiles, cotton etc.

The fore part of the deck [C] is reserved to white passengers. They are free to walk around the ship as they please, but in practice the black areas of the bridge are usually occupied by crewmen, goods and generally too busy to allow meddlers to spend much time there.
The same holds for the [D] area.

The Area marked with the [E] is for passengers' cabins. They offer good, if a little spartan, comforts. Each one is a double-bed with its own private head (i.e. bathroom). The only problem is that warm water for showers must be required to a Stewart at least an hour in advance.

AGI: 1 BUI: -7 FIT: 1
INS: 1 PER: 2 WIL: 0
STR: -5 HEA: 1 STA: 5
Attack: Bite/Dmg:4
Combat: Combat Sense:2+2; Hand-to-hand:2+1; Dodge:2+1;
Other: Athletics:2+1; Notice:2+2 (Night Vision); Stealth:2+1

Each cabin has a small desk, chairs, a liquor cabinet, windows which can be locked by the inside, a door whose keys are given to the passenger (crew has a copy). This is not a luxury liner, so beds are not prepared by the crew and the cabin is usually cleaned only once a week.
Despite this, the general result is one of efficiency and (acceptable) hygiene.

Tom (a 3-years old neutered male cat) has the duty to keep the ship free of any kind of vermin... something he is quite good at, in fact. When not on duty, the cat is fairly friendly with most of the people on board.

[F] and [H] are the Captain's and Officers cabins, respectively. Similar to the ones reserved to passengers. The Captain has a cabin all for himself, while the two officers share the other.

Area [I] is the one reserved to the crew and to literally run the ship. It contains the crew quarters (12 bunks), the captain's cabin, the shared officers cabin, kitchen, engine/boiler room, coal and tools storage.
Passengers are not expected to travel through this, and they should climb stairs to area [D] and then climb down to area [G] to reach the restaurant/bar/common area.
Passengers who prefer a lower-cost ticket may sleep on couches in the restaurant room. There is less privacy, obviously, but it's better than traveling on the [B] deck with the Chinese... (even if weather is usually warm enough to sleep outside with just a blanket for comfort)

The ship hull is practically flat (to better work in rivers) and there is no hold deck. Most of the cargo is stored in area [J]. Note that the two halves of area [J] are connected (below the stair) and that there is no door to the hold area in the cabins corridor. The total cargo area in [J] is around 180 m3.
Access to the cargo is through twin doors (position is marked by [K] on the deckplan) allowing easier access when the ship is docked. Sturdy, weatherproof (extra) cargo can sometimes be placed all over the black areas. Stuff requiring some sheltering from weather will usually be placed on the upper deck, near area [B]. High value, low-volume cargo (like postal packets) will be stored in area [I].

Crew Stats
Captain Hank Merrill Two Officers 9 Crew members
AGI: 1 APP: 0 BUI: 1 CRE: 1 FIT: 0
INF: 1 KNO: 0 PER: 1 PSY: 0 WIL: 0
STR: 0 HEA: 0 STA:30 UD: 5 AD:5
AGI: 1 APP: 0 BUI: 1 CRE: 0 FIT: 1
INF: 0 KNO: 0 PER: 1 PSY: 0 WIL: 0
STR: 1 HEA: 0 STA:30 UD: 7 AD:6
AGI: 1 APP: 0 BUI: 1 CRE: 0 FIT: 1
INF: 0 KNO: -1 PER: 0 PSY: 0 WIL: 0
STR: 1 HEA: 0 STA:30 UD: 7 AD:6
Combat: Combat Sense:1+1; Small Arms:2+1; Melee:1+1; Hand-to-hand:2+1; Dodge:1+1; Gunnery (Naval): 2+1
Other:Swimming:2+1; First Aid:1 Mandarin (Spoken):2; Notice:2+1; Naval Pilot:3+1;
Combat: Combat Sense:1+1; Small Arms:2+1; Melee:1+1; Hand-to-hand:2+1; Dodge:1+1;
Other: Swimming:2+1; Mandarin (Spoken):1; Notice:2+1; Naval Pilot:2+1; Haggling:2; Mechanical:2
Combat: Combat Sense:1+1; Small Arms:2+1; Melee:1+1; Hand-to-hand:2+1; Dodge:1+1;
Other:Swimming:2+1; English (Spoken):1-1;
Professional specialty (like Cooking, etc.) 2
Always armed with Webley Revolver Always armed with Webley Revolver Usually armed with knife, can easily access clubs or axes. Firearms are issued by officers in case of emergency.