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The How-To list

This is a big list of simple rules for situations which may happen in play (like chases, crossing a jungle and so on...).
How To


I believe that many role players (and especially gamemasters) really like maps. Here is my small collection of stuff I prepared during my games, with a few comments about how to use them.
Unless otherwise noted, all maps are scaled in meters.

Detached House
A good-sized house with garage and garden. Originally introduced when one of the characters started looking for a place to settle near San Francisco.

The China Lass
A detailed description of a river wheelboat. It has been designed as a vehicle (and it is hosted on the vehicle subpage), but given its size, and the fact that can be used as a sort of "moving location" during an adventure, I list it here, too.

Tea House of the Welcome Dragon
In China, a lot of families work and spend most of their lives near rivers... look at the floating houses subpage for more details