Pulp Krieg: Heroes - Jungle Lord
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Jungle Lord template

Your typical young boy who, after the tragic death of his parents at the hands of bandits/savages/beasts/nature was raised by a pack or other group of large mammals.
Mowgli and Tarzan are the most obvious example of this one, but see the Variations section for other ideas.
This character is a fairly good fighter, but usually disdains firearms. It can be useful as a scout/infiltrator, and really shines in outdoor adventures set in exotic locales. On the other hand, he will have problems coping with modern life, especially in urban adventures, and the player should roleplay this to the best, looking for good chances to put his poor understanding of western civilization in the spotlight.
His problems with modern civilization may work (surprisingly) in favor of including this PC in your party. Unless you want a later-date Tarzan, the character needs help from others to be able to cope with the world, so interaction and support among PCs would be quite appropriate.
This role is open to non-white and female PCs, if you care about some semblance of "historical verisimilitude" in your game. In this case another PC should act as sort of "warden" for The Panther King, or whatever you want to call him.

Animal Companions

If your series is set mostly in a specific place (like Africa, for example) this character could spend a lot of points and acquire a virtual zoo of followers.
In practice I'd suggest no more than one companion. Either a fierce beast like a panther, or a more peaceful but still useful pet like a monkey.

AGI: 2APP: 1BUI: 0CRE: 0FIT: 2
INF: 0KNO: -2PER: 1PSY: 0WIL: 1
STR: 1HEA: 1STA: 30UD: 6AD:6

Skill levels
Animal Handling10
Combat Sense1+1

Cost: (Attribute 33)/(Skills 25)

Typical Equipment: Knife, other primitive weapon.
Typical Perks: Acute Sense, Animal Companion, Animal Kinship, Catlike Balance(*), Night Vision, Natural Leader (*), Strong Immune System, Thick Skinned.
Typical Flaws: Belief, Bloodlust, Mechanical Inaptitude, Poor.
(*): From Heroes&Villains supplement


An amusing variation could be the introduction of a character similar to Red Wolf, or any other champion of some minority group. Women will probably not work well here, even if we had Sheena and other female versions of Tarzan.