Pulp Krieg: Heroes - Daredevil Pilot
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Amelia Earhart

Daredevil Pilot template

As you can see from the picture used to illustrate this archetype, air pilot could be one of those rare "jobs" suitable for a woman character in the '30s.
Obviously we are talking about freelance pilots, daredevils, barnstormers.
If you fancy a globetrotter campaign, I strongly suggest to add one of these to your party. In the '30s a lot of place were not easily accessible without a plane, and few things spell "Pulpy Adventure" better than a good dogfight.
This template, per se, has very low costs and requirements, so it allows for plenty of personalization on the player's part.

AGI: 1APP: 0BUI: 0CRE: 1FIT: 0
INF: 0KNO: 1PER: 1PSY: 0WIL: 1
STR: 0HEA: 0STA: 25UD: 3AD:3

Aircraft Pilot3+1
Navigation (Air)2+1

Cost: (Attribute 25)/(Skills 19)

Typical Equipment: Binoculars
Typical Perks: Crack Pilot (*),Lucky, Mechanical Aptitude (*),Night Vision, Property (Plane, min. 4), Sense of Direction,
Typical Flaws: Debt, Infamous, Quirk.
(*): From Heroes&Villains supplement


Male PCs may add some WWI military experience to their history, and so they can justify a few points for military skills and couple levels in Gunnery, for example.
In order to enhance the PCs value to the party I suggest adding skills for other transportation methods like Pilot/Ship and Drive.