Wolf {Forest, Mountain, Arctic, Plain}
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Courageous and intelligent, the wolf was once common in most of the temperate and arctic zones.
Wolves are mostly nocturnal, but they are able to hunt during daylight, when needed.
They tend to make passing attacks to a prey, biting it then running away and leaving another pack member to do the same, until the prey falls down from loss of blood. Attacks on humans are extremely rare (in modern times), but were extensively recorded in past legends and tales.

AGI: 1 BUI: -2 FIT: 1
INS: 1 PER: 1 WIL: 1
STR: -1 HEA: 1 STA: 20
Combat Sense [PER]: 2+1
Dodge [AGI]: 2+1 (Target:0)
Hand-to-hand [AGI]: 3+1
Notice [PER]: 2+1 (Tracking)
Survival [INS]: 2+1 (Stalk/Hunt,Lose trackers)
(Pack) Tactics [INS]: 1+1
Bite: 8
Other data
Armor: 5
Speed: 45