Triceratops {Swamps, river deltas}
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Similar to the Rhino, the Triceratops was a four legged herbivore, living in herds near swamps and river deltas.
Adults could reach 8-10 meters in length.
The horn attack has a very high damage value. Consider that all the head was a formidable offensive/defensive combination, sporting three distinct horns, each built to disembowel a charging carnosaur.
These creatures were common in the Cretaceous period, and apparently were among the last dinosaurs to appear (and to subsequently become extinct)

AGI: 0 BUI: 11 FIT: 2
INS: -1 PER: 0 WIL: 0
STR: 9 HEA: 0 STA: 80
Combat Sense [PER]: 1
Dodge [AGI]: 2 (Target:+3)
Hand-to-hand [AGI]: 1
Notice [PER]: 1
Horn: 60
Trample: 22
Other data
Armor: 10 Armor (head): 30
Speed: 50