Stegosaurus {Flood plains, shorelines}
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Eight to ten meter in length, Stegosaurs are well known for their characteristic series of huge plates along their spines. In combat they usually turn their back to the attacker and swing at it with their tail (assume at least a couple of meters of reach beyond the point where the stegosaur stands). They lived in the Jurassic period.
Even if they massed 2 to 3 tons, they were able to stand upright to feed from trees.

AGI: 0 BUI: 9 FIT: 1
INS: -1 PER: 0 WIL: 0
STR: 8 HEA: 0 STA: 70
Combat Sense [PER]: 1
Dodge [AGI]: 0 (Treat as unskilled) (Target:+3)
Hand-to-hand [AGI]: 1
Notice [PER]: 1
Tail: 36
Other data
Armor: 15
Speed: 20