Octopus, Giant  
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Real octopi, which in general are timid animals, do not pose any threat to humans, even large specimens like the one described here.
This is a "pulp" version of the real octopi, the one you expect when your players don their diving suits and start poking around that old sunken galleon...

Octopi are common in the warm seas and their tactics is usually to lurk in some cave-like nest, ready to grab any target. They can change colours to better camouflage themselves.

Notes on tentacles and fighting tactics:

General Tactics
The usual tactics is to grab the victim with one or more tentacles.
Each tentacle can reach to up to two meters from the body, and will attempt to grapple the intended target. Use a hand- to-hand:grapple vs. dodge (or hand-to-hand) roll to see if the attack is successful.
The octopus may attack with two tentacles per round.
Pulling and breaking free
After having securely grappled the enemy with at least three tentacles, the creature will pull the victim towards its beak. To do so, it must win a STR vs. STR contest. This requires a full round. When adjudicating the STR contest, remember that the Octopus has a +1 for each tentacle which is holding its prey.
In order to break free, the victim can attempt a STR vs. STR roll (again, give +1 to the octopus for each tentacle). This requires an action.
Targeting tentacles
A tentacle can be targeted and destroyed as a separate entity, in order to break free. In this case STA is 8, Armor is 5, Dodge is 1 and attacker suffers a -2 adjustment for aiming. Destroying the tentacles will not damage the Octopus directly, but see below for routing conditions.
If the octopus loses four tentacles or suffers a serious wound it will drop any victims, spend an action producing a cloud of ink (treat as smoke gas grenade, pag. 120) and flee.
The beak is poisonous, so if it inflicts any damage to the target it will deliver a poison. Characteristic are: Sedative, potency 10.

AGI: 1 BUI: 1 FIT: 0
INS: -1 PER: 1 WIL: 1
STR: 1 HEA: 0 STA: 30
Camouflage [INS]: 2-1
Combat Sense [PER]: 2+1
Dodge [AGI]: 1+1 (Target:0)
Hand-to-hand [AGI] (Grappling): 2+1
Notice [PER]: 1+1
Swimming [AGI]: 2+1
Bite: 16 + Poison; see notes
Other data
Armor: 5
Speed: 45