Elephant {Jungle, Plains}
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May be found in Africa (excluding Saharan zone), India and most of the south-east Asia. The African specimens are larger than the Indians. They are easily domesticated, intelligent and patient. They live in groups of 15-30 members, forming strong communities (they help and teach each other). Elephants can be quite stealthy, despite their bulk, and are able to move at day or night with ease (excluding the hottest hours of the day).

AGI: 1 BUI: 11 FIT: 2
INS: 2 PER: 1 WIL: 1
STR: 9 HEA: 1 STA: 85
Combat Sense [PER]: 1+1
Dodge [AGI]: 0 (treat as unskilled) (Target:+3)
Hand-to-hand [AGI]: 2+1
Notice [PER]: 1+1
Stealth [AGI]: 1+1 (Moving Silently)
Trunk: 12 (unarmed combat damage)
(Trunk has STR of +1 for lifting/pulling)
Trample: 36
Other data
Armor: 10
Speed: 40 (24 Km/h)