Ornithopod (Duckbill) {Swamps, deltas, lakes, rivers, wet flood plains}
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Trachodons, Corythosaurus and Parasarolophus are all members of the Ornithopods group. They usually sports hollow crest-like structure on their heads. The stats cover generic herbivore dinos, either bipedal or quadrupedal, with sizes up to 12-14 meters in length and weights around 2 tons.

AGI: 1 BUI: 9 FIT: 1
INS: -1 PER: 0 WIL: 0
STR: 6 HEA: 0 STA: 70
Combat Sense [PER]: 1
Dodge [AGI]: 2+1 (Target:+3)
Hand-to-hand [AGI]: 1+1
Notice [PER]: 1
Claw: 8 (pretty rare, usually prefer to flee)
Other data
Armor: 5
Speed: 70