Crocodile {Fresh Water, Swamp}
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Around 5 m in length, can be found in Africa, Asia and Australia. They are similar to Alligators, but less shy, and can attack humans. They are particularly adept to ambushing preys from the banks of a river. On ground they use their tail attack to knock opponents to the ground and then start biting.
In each round of combat they can attempt one of the following:

AGI: 1 BUI: 7 FIT: 1
INS: -1 PER: 1 WIL: 0
STR: 5 HEA: 1 STA: 65
Combat Sense [PER]: 2+1
Dodge [AGI]: 1+1 (Target:+2)
Hand-to-hand [AGI]: 2+1
Notice [PER]: 2+1
Tactics(Ambush) [INS]: 2-1
Bite: 16
Tail: 12 (treat as Unarmed Combat damage)
Other data
Armor: 20 (Underbelly only provides 10)
Speed: 40 (in water)
  10 (on ground)