Pulp Krieg

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Welcome to my Pulp RPG page!

I have recently started a pulp campaign set in 1932, using the Gear Krieg rules (created by DP9), but using a campaign word more similar to real history.
At least for now, all things departing from "standard" history (like supernatural, super-science or dinosaurs) will be limited to the PCs direct experience.

I hope to be able to offer useful stuff for people using Silhouette (TM) or interested in Pulp adventuring.

Please feel free to write me about this page; my e-mail address is "marino [at] inrete.it"

Here is a brief listing of the stuff available on the site.
Discussion, modifications, clarifications of rules and other mechanics-related stuff.
Full fledged NPCs and stats for common mooks
Weapons cards
A handy reference for players: concise description of popular weapons: print them, cut them, and distribute them among your players. An easy way to keep track of weapons stats (and ammo, if you care about this...)
Character Templates
Easily customizable character concepts.
Animal templates
I believe that for a lot of pulp-related adventures (Tarzan, Bring them back alive, Indiana Jones...) the animals provided in the manual are not enough (either in number or detail). Here is my attempt to correct this problem.
Short reviews of items (novels, comics, game supplements) I found useful for my own campaign.
Vehicles cards
Similar to the weapons card, a collection of printable pages including vehicle data.
Campaign notes
Here you will find stuff regarding the campaign background. Mostly historical references, how much things costed and so on.
Thrilling Locations!!!
Maps of places which may prove useful to your campaign. Whenever possible I added some extra info.